Make Up Inspired Characters Suicide Squad movie

Lets look woman character in suicide squad, Make Up Inspired Character Suicide Squad movie. If we watching this movie we can see much women characters. Characters Harley Quinn 'the Jokester', Katana 'the Protector', Enchantress 'The Sorceress', Amanda Waller ' The Boss'.

last article we covered about fashion style from suicide squad movie. Do you already see the Suicide Squad when at the cinema? Do you feel inspired to try one of these performances? Let us know below!
 Make Up Inspired Characters Suicide Squad movie
Suicide Squad follows a group of fan-favorite DC Comic super villains recruited for a secret task force to carry out a secret mission for the government. They are officially called "Task Force X," but adopted the nickname "Suicide Squad" because of the deadly nature of their mission. Not every day you see a superhero movie where the hero is actually a super villain.

To create a four makeup Suicide Squad is looking for various characters in the movie ! Keep in mind that you do not need any of the products listed to make the appearance. Without further ado, let's meet some characters Suicide Squad!

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinzell, is a psychiatrist who works in Arkham Asylum and are treated as The Joker. He becomes obsessed and falls deeply in love with him. Their manipulative relationship partly fueled transformation into Harley Quinn.

colorful hair Harley is the main inspiration for her makeup look. Channeling his signature color with some shiny magenta shadows on the eyes and a bright turquoise underneath the ship, or had a transition turquoise shadow on the petals into the color magenta. Thick cat eye, blush on smooth and shiny red lips is all that remains to complete the look. If the eye is already dramatic enough for you, the pair is seen with nude lip instead.
harley quinn make up
Product (top to bottom): Palette | Shadow pink | highlighter | Champagne Shadow | Blue Liner | Liquid Liner | Lip Cream | mascara | blush


Katana is an expert martial artist / swordswoman who act as bodyguards for the other characters, Rick Flag. He wields the knife Soultaker, trapping the victim soul. You do not want to get his bad side.

Appearance katana is all about precision and clean lines. matte shadow in cream and brown tones will help to define the eyes while maintaining a natural look. Use some gel eyeliner fresh to make cats wings, and finish with mascara eyes decisive. Swipe on some matte bronzer and peach blush to the definition of light, and in the second pop some lip balm or lip color matte red costume nod to this Katana.
katana make up
Product (top to bottom): Palette | blush | mascara | bronzer | Liquid Lipstick | Lip Balm | Liner gel


Enchantress is an ancient witch who was released by archaeologists June Moone. He then took possession of the body of scientists and acts as an alter ego. He is believed to be the main villain of the film and the first target Suicide Squad.

Enchantress has an aura of power and mystery surrounding her. Channel these feelings together with smoky eyes in metallic or glittery cream, brown, and black shadows. The smoke came out black kohl eyeliner on the upper lashline to add drama, and the top of the eye with a dark black mascara. Keep cheeks neutral with peachy-pink blush, and apply lipstick or balm oxblood in nude sheer to complete the look.
enchantress make up

Product (top to bottom): Palette | blush | lipstick | eyeshadow | mascara | Liner light | Brown Liner | Liquid Lipstick

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller is the intelligence officer who is responsible for managing the Suicide Squad. Although he worked for the government, he was not blindly loyal. He is ambitious and does not have a side issue rules or get rid of the people who get in the way of his plans.

Amanda personality inspire get-down-to-business, classic makeup. Apply a neutral shadow in shades like cream, taupe and warm chocolate over the eyes, with the darkest color falls crease and outer corner. Finish with mascara and liner extends cream in a neutral color. Use of liquid or cream blush on the cheeks, a touch of bronzer and light purple or berry-toned lipstick to keep everything fresh and clean.
amanda waller make up
Product (top to bottom): Palette | Shadow Stick | blush | mascara | liner | bronzer | Dark Lipstick | light Lipstick

Fashion by dux readers, So What are you thinking again ? If you dont believe you must watching suicide in Cinema now.. :)

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