Stage Diving at Girl Talk: Like Blowing Up The Moon

Stage diving like blowing up the moon - @ZackTeibloom With 7 Girl Talk show me, it's getting to be like the moon. * Let me explain. In Mr. Show there was a skit in which they decided to blow up the moon, because they have done everything else to do with it. As they say, "I walked on the moon, I do push-ups, eating an egg on it, what else can you do on?" That's why I had to stage dive on Girl Talk. I've done everything else. 
Stage Diving at Girl Talk: Like Blowing Up The Moon

I danced on stage in Girl Talk. I dove head first into the mud Girl Talk. ** I tripped and compared Girl Talk to the show Jonas Brothers (and masturbation). I reviewed the album Girl Talk using only the title song no about fashion by dux stage diving. I spoke to the girl Talk about sex on stage. There is only one thing left to do.I awoke with a feeling festival Saturday. Type that morning began with two extra spicy bloody mary tequila. Type the morning you feel you need to conform to. I wore my uniform festival: Red and White Stripes hunting white socks, red and white "Share Happiness" t-shirt, a red bandanna and white and red and white sunglasses. I read the back issues of my old College Girl Talk News. I had a hangover. I play rock band in the Light House. It was on.

After waiting through a series of White Denim Low pleasant, but not fitted properly to get the crowd hyped, my crew and I got settled three lines to go right to the stone steps leading to the stage. It was guarded by what looked like three weaker students (who may voluntarily for security so they could be close to the stage) and a short Asian woman in a security uniform. Please. We can all easily fall off the stage at a modest cost, but I'm the only one who really wants to be there. Also, we heard that people pre-selected just getting on stage (not that it was going to stop me. I am satisfied dancing from our premises. For an hour or more.

That's "on again, Patron again." Talk ordinary girl wearing a fantastic show under the tower in 40 Acres Fest. balloon glowing giant, sweaty Gillis surrounded by a crowd of co-eds around him, nodding his head, pumping the best mash-ups. Mixing new stuff in, throw the old stuff. It does not get old. Snoop / Miley mash-ups in this video was particularly inspired, but like the songs themselves, mash-up of last night all blurred together in my head.

All I really remember clearly is charging stage and dive from it. As I said, I need to be on stage. I did not even intend to stage diving. What just happened because of circumstances. I waited until there was no "security" looked at me and I ran through them like Chris Johnson and their '09 Bears defense. *** I think I made a spin move and meandering right through them. Once on stage, I just kept running. I had mixed with the crowd on stage dux fashion team, but this time I was not interested in dancing with the girls on stage and I saw the speaker on the other side of the stage that requires me to dance on it.

I ran there and danced for about 30 seconds and feel the security is getting closer and decided I had to jump. I'm trying to do the trick pointing into the crowd to come together and remind them that I was diving, but it will not happen. Except those who are so packed together that they are uncomfortable, they will not catch you. Unless you're in a band. And even if you are, they still might let you fall. Just ask for Method Man.

I lept and crashed. Hard. no one made an effort to catch me. I got up, cleaned himself off and felt a hand on my back. Security comes after me into the crowd and had me by the collar. I tried to duck away, has a flashback when I almost got kicked out of Lolla '07 to hit the Flaming Lips' photo pit, but unlike that time, I can not escape. They tore my shirt and dragged me away. It's a free show, so I just walked back to my place, but there are consequences.

I lost a new pair of sunglasses and a headband. I have a lot of cuts and bruises I can not explain and I ruined one of the all-time favorite t-shirt. My fingers feel arthritic. Even in what used to be my good hand. Is it worth it? I'm honestly not sure. I just know it has to be done. I'm not going to blow it up.

* Why am I so fascinated with the recent months? I recently spent a good twenty minutes the polls in a party to determine what% full moon that night.

** OK I do not dive head first, but I got other people to.

*** Shore just read it and angry. I'm sure Jason Taylor went to the Jets as karma for it. Shit.

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