Find Your Own Fashion Inspiration

Again we talking about fashion inspiration, Fashion is an art of building something that people can wear both aesthetically beautiful and comfortable. Fashion is not always dominated by famous brands of clothes but actually you can combine or create your own fashion style. To find the inspiration, you can check latest movies or some old movies that may give you the idea, especially for your Halloween night this month. One of the great fashion and make up style inspiration source is the Hunger Games series. The dystopia they have brought in the movie brought both the beauty of the futuristic fashion and story of strong woman.

You must be know movie and video game sometimes is a good inspiration for costume seekers as known as cosplayers. Such as suicide squad costume. Cosplayers will try to imitate a character from video game or anime. Most of it is highly affected by the Japanese style like Kimono and etc. Beside the inspiration of the style, you may find your colors inspiration from your own environment. The Pantone colors will be perfectly match with the colors of the Fall season. Whether for the next season, the white winter, you may choose vivid colors like red, green and yellow. The bright colors will dominate the pale colors of winter.

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