Indonesian Traditional Tattoo

Tattoo inspiration - Tattoo is not only modern tattoo designs made by tattoo artists but it has deep meaning on this planet earth. The oldest possible tattoo marks was founded on clay figures. The clay figures are probably come from 4900 – 4750 BC or in Neolithic times. It is a proof that tattoo can be as old as human cultures themselves. Move to Asia, there is a traditional tattoo that has a role in the society as a part of culture since the ancient times.
 Indonesian Traditional Tattoo
The exact place is in Indonesia unusual tattoos for men, in Borneo or they call it Kalimantan Island. The local tribe there, Dayak, use tattoo as a mark in their society is call asian tattoo designs. Their tribe used to known as head hunters in the ancient time and the tattooed their hands every single time they decapitated an enemy, but now it was banned.
Indonesian Traditional Tattoo, Borneo
Dayak Tattoo is also known as Mentawai tattoo. It has a unique characteristic of lines and floral ornaments. The way of tattooing on the subject’s skin is unique too, by tapping the needle mounted in a wood stick with another stick. Before they found needle for tattooing, they used fish bones. A lot of people want to try the unique of this traditional tattoo, and as a return people of Dayak feel happy because their ancestors culture is now known by the world.

And now, tattoo not strange anymore. Tattoo festival 2013 last time ago give evidence that Indonesian Traditional Tattoo famous in the world. One of famous tattoo tradition in Indonesia came all the way from Siberut Island of Mentawai archipelago in light of Mentawai Tattoo Revival project a non-commercial project realized independently to survive and revive the culture and tradition of Mentawai tribe tattoo from its disappearance.

Furthermore, the project also provides tattoo workshop directly in the middle of Mentawai. They would directly continue and complete the tattooing of Sikerei and their community members, to become Sipatiti (a professional tattoo artist in Mentawai) and to introduce it throughout Indonesia and internationally. A lot of Indonesian tattoo community too give supports to the tattoo tradition of Dayak Borneo Kalimantan tribes independently or in collaboration with Dayak Youth Community in Jakarta, as well learning and introduce them to Indonesian community and globally.
festival tattoo 2013 
festival tattoo 2013 
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