K Pop Booming Fashion Style for Youth

Like hipnotis, Asian fashion style nowadays is highly affected by the booming of Korean entertainments. K Drama, K Pop and other cultures of South Korea become a new standard of entertainment and fashion. Started with massive production of Korean Drama and boy bands, South Korea hypnotizes the youth in the whole Asian. The key of the style is to put glamour touch in a modern way to show your attractiveness. Although, we found that sometimes the fashion itself is a little bit affected by the western culture such as blonde hair and street style like hip hop or urban style.
K Pop Booming Fashion Style

What differs the Korean Style from other is the way to combine clothes and fashion items that match each other. For example, commonly people will use tight jacket or coat for winter but in Korean style jacket and coats are common items to be used in their daily routines.  To be more casual, mini-skirts or shorts with knee-length boots are commonly combined with stocking or legging to protect from cold. Another extraordinary point is, the K Styles also encourage to play with colors that many styles choose to use mild or shade colors. The vibrant and bright colors are not something weird to be used in the middle of the crowd.

Lets find and save ideas about K-Fashion styles on Pinterest. Street fashion drives boom in Korean fashion industry and Asian country. But Korea's fashion week features clothes with many choice and mode every time. A New Force in Pop Music Korean Culture and Information Service South Korea As the ballad boom was coming to an end in the early 1990s, unique and unprecedented musical style and fashion to dominate Korean pop music.
K Pop Booming Fashion Style

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