Level Up with Boots Fashion

Your shoes your character - Shoes are one of fashion parts that completes the whole dress you wear. Shoes are not just an accessory but an element for the image of your lower outfit. For men, shoes describe their personality. Black and shiny leather shoes will perfect the impression of men’s suit. But once they choose the wrong shoes, for example black suit with brown leather shoes, it will ruin their image in short.

Level Up with Boots Fashion

As boots are one of fashion items, boots can be both classic and elegant. The booties are also more applicable than any other shoes. They can be used in snow, rainy season, casual occasion, or for a long travelling. They are great to be paired with black legging or blue jeans some people say boots with studs for new generation. Simpler boots are also great couple for a dress. Booties for women have higher heel than the men’s boots. That’s why boots are not only for man but yes for ladies too.

Commonly, most of them have dark colors like black or brown but you can find more colors like maroon or white onleatherette. For more addition, the women’s boots sometimes come up with soft fur that will be perfect to be combined with thick jacket or coat for winter.

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