Play Some Colors in Hair

What are some colors that look good together - Using many colors in hair is no longer weird nowadays. But have you ever heard about colombre trend, what are some colors in white light? Or you can say the bold new Ombre hair trend. This new trend was started in early 2015 and now it grows faster with many colors.
 Play Some Colors in Hair
Who doesn’t love a rainbow? And now you can see it on your hair. Another example of cute colombre is from the character of Harley Quinn in suicide squad movie. Do you still remember the colors of Harley Quinn’s hair? Yes it is different in each side, red on the right side and blue in the left. Colombre puts many colors on your hair, not only one or two and the colors are unnatural but beauty on your hair.

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Colors in Hair Harley Quinn
There are some techniques which combines a transition between two shades that usually from dark to light. It makes a great color gradation that shines bright in the light. Colombre is not limited for bright hair colors but also for people with dark hair. You may add some vivid magenta, purple or metallic green. Short hair are no exception for this colombre trend, they’ll look great as the long straight or curly hair. Just try to find the right colors, and it’ll be awesome for instagram photo session.

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