Punching Bright Colors? Why Not?

Fashion trends nowadays are far different with last decades. People surely give their expressions according to their character or even their mood with what they wear every day. As you can see in the Japanese pop culture fashion called Harajuku which put everything on their clothes, wearing coat or dress with bright colors is no longer a weird thing in the society especially for spring.
Punching Bright Colors? Why Not?
This bright colors fashion is a new trend especially for spring season. Pastels become a new favorite combined with darker color such as grey or navy. This bright colors give a slimming technique for people who worry about highlight problem areas. The other favorite color are the ice cream colors like pale yellow or pale blue. Those colors are great for dress or blouse.
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Ice cream colors are so pleasing to be combined with bags with same colors or gold and silver. For brighter colors, red and lime green are great too for spring. Red is always great couple for leather coat with dark colors like dark brown or grey. Following the colombre hair trend, bright colors outfits are great as its couple. For the shoes, you may choose darker colors like your bag.

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