Tattoo as Fashion Girl

Tattoo has been drawn since a long long time ago in the ancient time. We’re really thinking more about those women whose tattoos are visible. We’re thinking about fashionistas. The oldest tattoo was depicted on the sculptures of human that are believe were made in 3500 B.C. it means that tattoo is not only a modern or pop culture, but tatto inspiration also a sign that relates today’s society with the people of ancient times. A tribe in Borneo, Indonesian traditional tattoo, has used tattoo for a long time ago as cultures and norms in their society. Some of them still do the traditional tattooing by stick and needle until now.
 Tattoo as Fashion
Another recent example is the Yakuza of Japan. The Yakuza’s tattoo is not only the art of drawing under the skin, but also give the meaning for spiritual symbols as well as the charm of protection and sometimes it is related with devotion.
 Tattoo as Fashion
Tattoo as Fashion
The use of tattoo has spread to the area of fashion. As an art, the pattern of tattoo is also used as the pattern of hairdo or outfits like what do crown tattoos suggest. People think that tattoo is an artistic drawing that you have to bear for a life times which makes some people believe it is a hard decision. You cannot simply erase it, it is for a life time. But once again, fashion is all about self-expression it is okay to get yourself inked.

As we’ve been reading through fashion and style womens, we’ve been pondering the role of tattoos as a component of personal style. We know that body ink is everywhere; in fact, we both have tattoos that that we got together — they are small, mostly covered up, and, of course, chic. But our tattoos aren’t really part of our personal style since they aren’t visible.

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