The Beginning of Stage Diving Fashion

Have you ever gone to a music concert with crazy crowd of fans occupy around the stage? If you have been there, probably you would have seen someone jumped into the crowd like in the swimming pool. That act is known as stage diving. Stage diving is an action of jumping, leaping or throwing yourself to the crowd below the stage. Long before the name was invented, the trend was started on August 8, 1964 during the first Dutch concert by The Rolling Stones at the Kurhaus of Scheveningen. Stage diving is commonly acted by musicians in a concert or in a crowd like a club. Jim Morrison was known as the early performer of this act on stage. Fashionbydux on stage diving
The Beginning of Stage Diving Fashion

Stage diving comes with risks. Some musicians were reported to be injured in their act. Not to mention some incidents of fans got injured too in the act of stage diving. Even brings many risks, this kind of fashion is still be done as a final attraction of a music concert or crowd-involving occasion. Despite of the danger for both musicians and their fans, stage diving becomes popular iconic acts for many musicians and printed in T-shirts and more media.

Maybe some people think this activity like ugly but this It's almost time for the Fashion Meets Music. Lets do it and expression this session.
The Beginning of Stage Diving Fashion
The Beginning of Stage Diving FashionStage Diving Fashion 

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