9 Ways to Wear Your Hair, According to Instagram

After we review about Play some Colors in Hair this time we want talking about Nine ways to wear your hair, according to Instagram. Spesially At this point in the year 2016, you might look at your hair in the mirror and find yourself bored with what you see get find inspired. Your must be thinking "New Year, New You" haircut from January has long grown out, and your spring highlights have seen better days, right? Not only that, there are still a few too hot, too humid days left that make wearing your hair down an unappealing option.
9 Ways to Wear Your Hair, According to Instagram
If you're considering a mini overhaul, but aren't sure where to begin, we've stalked Instagram to find some of the best easy looks to inspire your new 'do. Ahead, 21 hairstyles to try out for autumn...
  • The Feathered Fringe
As if we didn't adore Margaret Zhang enough already, her hair game of late has raised her even higher in our estimations. Yes, we know bangs are a bit high-maintenance, but with these, it's the messier, the better. And that's our kind of fringe.
  • The Cinnamon Swirl
If you're into twists and chignons, then you'll be into Harley Viera-Newton's hairstyle in a big way. This year was big for the half-up, half-down 'do, so by incorporating a bun, Viera-Newton took things to new levels of chic.
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  • The Back-Grazing Bun
The back-grazing bun is the best way to get that casual, cool California-girl vibe. Tie your long locks loose and low, letting layers fall out as they may. This look isn't actually particularly practical when it comes to exercise, true, but it is good for Instagram posts. Thanks for the heads up, Gabrielle Epstein.
  • The Modern Pigtails
If you've got medium to long hair, follow Hailey Baldwin's lead with pigtail braids and carefree fringe. It's perfect for when you don't want your hair to stick to your head/face/neck/others.
  • The High Bun
Model and blogger Joanna Halpin delivers hair goals for relaxed weekends with her tight bun and wispy strays. Photographer, stylist, blogger, law graduate, and social media sensation Margaret Zhang is a woman of many talents, and hairstyling is one of them. We love this undone updo, complete with cool static.
  • The Lara Croft 2.0
If you watching Tomb Rider youmust be now about The Lara Croft. Nothing says superhero quite like this style. Rewind to the '90s, and The Rachel was the only haircut worth having. It was smooth, it was full-bodied, and it curved in to frame the face. We switched up our looks shortly after the hoopla died down and haven't looked back, but fashion blogger Shea Marie is proving that it might be time to reconsider. This time around, The Rachel is so much more sophisticated.
  • The Facelift Ponytail
Go bold like Bella Hadid and embrace the ultra-high pony. You'll thank us when it emphasizes your bone structure and the compliments pour in.
  • The Curly Crown
Just so you can appreciate how amazing Derlyn's hair is, we had to include her again, in all her natural glory. We love this side-parted style, which makes her hair fan around her head like a halo.
  • The '90s Topknot
A topknot is always elegant and easy, as evidenced by wardrobe stylist and blogger Erica Lavelanet.  Very, very rarely, you'll go to casually tie up your hair and it will naturally land in the form of The Perfect Bun. It's a moment that cannot be forced nor re-created; it just happens. May the hair gods be with you when you try to achieve Natalie Suarez's look.

Thats all about 9 ways to wear your hair, according to social media instagram. I hope this article make you inspired to be beauty.

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