Jewelry Fashion Trends 2017 Simple Tips

Diamond is women's best friend. No one can' t deny that. If you think so too, then you will agree that diamond is a friend of fashion too. Diamond gives another perspective of fashion. Some people say that jewelry completes your outfit not to mention your luxurious watch too Sir. Hey, watch is a watch not a jewelry, yes but still, it is considered as jewelry as long as it has saphire glass, diamond in its hand, and more.
One tips for your outfits when you are going to a party or dinner, give place for your jewelry. Use simple backless gown with low chest to show your diamond necklace. For the colors, you can make a contrast for it. If yours are white, you can use mostly every color except white. Do some simple hairdo to make your earings can be seen clearly hanged in your ears. Don't forget to forget your gloves to show how beautiful is your sweet finger with a diamond ring there. It will useless if you close everything that can make your diamond shines the light. Don't forget to clean it up before you walk on your endless catwalk.

Hijab Fashion in Indonesia

Indonesia as one of the largest Moslem country in the world has its own fashion line. Hijab or veil that is used by Moslem women here is growing as a big line of fashion. Far from old fashioned Hijab, the hijab fashion in Indonesia becomes a trendsetter for the world for its model, creativity and of course the beauty and still following the rules of wearing Hijab.
Many hijab fashion designers, such as Dian Pelangi, also widely known in other moslem countries like Malaysia for her design. Not only for professional designers who share the ideas and the designs, many hijabers (women who wear hijab or the fashionistas of hijab) make a tips or how-to videos or writings in the internet of wearing hijab. It is because the demand of the hijab fashion is so high here. The fashion itself does not only stand with the middle east theme but sometimes combined with the rich of cultures in Indonesia like Batik or different clothes. Hijab fashion is also used as both for formal dresscode and informal dresscode. As the formal dresscode, Hijab is designe to be modest and simple. Different in informal occassion, you can see a lot of Hijab shape, design,and not to mention the accessories on it.

The Luxury of Asian Traditional Wedding Fashion

Wedding day is the day that is dreamed by every woman in the world not to mention their imagination of wedding gown. Every tradition have their own luxury of wedding ceremony. The luxury of Asian traditional wedding fashion is one of the most beautiful fashions in Asia. A wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants.
 The Luxury of Asian Traditional Wedding Fashion
But in Asia, wedding cultures and outfits can be vastly different depending on the country. Asia with thousands of cultures has so many wedding traditions and their own dress too. Like example : Malaysia is made up of indigenous cultures as well as Hindu and Islamic regions. Because of that, there are different forms of “traditional” when it comes to Malaysian weddings. The above photo depicts a bride and a groom wearing a dress colored purple, violet, and cream.

India celebrate the wedding with many flowers, music, and colors. They cover the bride face with a veil and right after the groom married her, he can open the cover just like in the western bride gown. Different with India, Japanese wedding dress is less of color but looks so simple and trenchant. Commonly the bride use a white or red gawn with a big veil or a clothes made crown and the groom wears black clothes with a traditional fan in hand. Move to Korea, the bride there use red-dominated gawn with huge hand parts and huge skirt below called hanbok. But mostly the colors of the gawn are vibrant colors like red and blue with some gold patterns.
The Luxury of Asian Traditional Wedding Fashion
The Luxury of Asian Traditional Wedding Fashion
Source image: Wikipedia

What do you think? Don't you think that they are beautiful?

The Unique of Asian Traditional Fashion

Asian countries have rich fashion styles. If you are familiar with Chinese traditional fashion, maybe you will recognise the others. Chinese traditional fashion has a dominance color, they are red, gold or sometimes you will find green like a jade. Those colors have its own symbolic meaning for their culture. Red or gold has the meaning of luck and joy, it is prohibited to be used in burial or other grief occassion. While green symbolizes the harmony with the nature.
The Unique of Asian Traditional Fashion
Move to Indonesia, a country that has more than thirty local tribes and have their own traditional clothes. But for both formal and non formal occassion or in daily basis, they use "Kain Batik" or Batik. Batik, as the national icon of Indonesia, is a style of hand drawing using liquid wax as a layer to cover the cloth from coloring. Then they will wash the cloth in the hot water to clean the wax. That is why batik commonly only have two or three colors, but the printed Batik clothes sometimes has more colors.

What make Batik is so special that every region and every island in Indonesia has their own picture. For example, Batik from Cirebon, a city in West Java, has clouds pattern that they call as "mega mendung." Different with Cirebon, other cities have their own iconic pattern on it. That makes Batik as a good collection for your asian fashion style hunting.

Halloween Costume As a Fashion

Halloween Costumes 2017 - Who says that halloween is only for childen. We, grown up, want to enjoy that moment as well, in our own way of course. Halloween is not only a celebration for jack o' lantern, but actually we can see what is the hottest trend for the costume from the view of fashion. There is a huge possibility that the wave from "Suicide Squad" movie will be adopted in a lot of costumes this year just like when Frozen hit the top.
Halloween Costume As A Fashion
Halloween Costume As A Fashion
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Prepare your costume for joining this annual occassion of the death. It is okay if you want to join the suicide 'costume' squad but of course with different touch. There'll be bunch of people who will use the Harley Queen's simple costume, but why don't you try Joker? With a suit or a purple jacket, drawing some temporal tatoos, fake silver teeth and a walking stick, gun or a medical tools will bring him alive. If you find it is quite difficult to dye your hair green, use a hat. It does not matter wheter you are a man or a woman, you will be the king for bunch of Harley Quinn on the night of Halloween. Worth to try!

Leatherette Boots in Fashion Trends Boots 2016

Boots are not just like shoes, they are mystical and have their own charisma for the users. Boots are commonly made by leather or we might find boots made from leatherette. The benefits from leatherette boots are they have more colors and cheaper than real leather. But, if you are going to use for heavy activities such as adventuring and etc. you need the real leather boots. Its durability is far better than leatherette and will protect your feet well.
Leatherette Boots in Fashion Trends Boots 2016
Leatherette Boots in Fashion Trends Boots 2016
In the other side, if you wear boots only for daily activity or modelling, leatherette gives what you want. Real leather boots can only be found with brown or darker color and rarely seen with other than that. As mentioned before, leatherette offer more colors than real leather such as DK navy, moss, paprika, cypress, tan, wicker, chamols, red, nature breeze and etc. Leatherette boots are easier to be used with dresses or casual outfits. Boots become unforgettable part in fashion especially in fall season. The natural colors of the boots can be combined with your leather jacket, jeans, or even a casual dress which has the same tone color with your boot. Fashion trend in boots is not going to end soon.