Halloween Costume As a Fashion

Halloween Costumes 2017 - Who says that halloween is only for childen. We, grown up, want to enjoy that moment as well, in our own way of course. Halloween is not only a celebration for jack o' lantern, but actually we can see what is the hottest trend for the costume from the view of fashion. There is a huge possibility that the wave from "Suicide Squad" movie will be adopted in a lot of costumes this year just like when Frozen hit the top.
Halloween Costume As A Fashion
Halloween Costume As A Fashion
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Prepare your costume for joining this annual occassion of the death. It is okay if you want to join the suicide 'costume' squad but of course with different touch. There'll be bunch of people who will use the Harley Queen's simple costume, but why don't you try Joker? With a suit or a purple jacket, drawing some temporal tatoos, fake silver teeth and a walking stick, gun or a medical tools will bring him alive. If you find it is quite difficult to dye your hair green, use a hat. It does not matter wheter you are a man or a woman, you will be the king for bunch of Harley Quinn on the night of Halloween. Worth to try!

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