Hijab Fashion in Indonesia

Indonesia as one of the largest Moslem country in the world has its own fashion line. Hijab or veil that is used by Moslem women here is growing as a big line of fashion. Far from old fashioned Hijab, the hijab fashion in Indonesia becomes a trendsetter for the world for its model, creativity and of course the beauty and still following the rules of wearing Hijab.
Many hijab fashion designers, such as Dian Pelangi, also widely known in other moslem countries like Malaysia for her design. Not only for professional designers who share the ideas and the designs, many hijabers (women who wear hijab or the fashionistas of hijab) make a tips or how-to videos or writings in the internet of wearing hijab. It is because the demand of the hijab fashion is so high here. The fashion itself does not only stand with the middle east theme but sometimes combined with the rich of cultures in Indonesia like Batik or different clothes. Hijab fashion is also used as both for formal dresscode and informal dresscode. As the formal dresscode, Hijab is designe to be modest and simple. Different in informal occassion, you can see a lot of Hijab shape, design,and not to mention the accessories on it.

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