Leatherette Boots in Fashion Trends Boots 2016

Boots are not just like shoes, they are mystical and have their own charisma for the users. Boots are commonly made by leather or we might find boots made from leatherette. The benefits from leatherette boots are they have more colors and cheaper than real leather. But, if you are going to use for heavy activities such as adventuring and etc. you need the real leather boots. Its durability is far better than leatherette and will protect your feet well.
Leatherette Boots in Fashion Trends Boots 2016
Leatherette Boots in Fashion Trends Boots 2016
In the other side, if you wear boots only for daily activity or modelling, leatherette gives what you want. Real leather boots can only be found with brown or darker color and rarely seen with other than that. As mentioned before, leatherette offer more colors than real leather such as DK navy, moss, paprika, cypress, tan, wicker, chamols, red, nature breeze and etc. Leatherette boots are easier to be used with dresses or casual outfits. Boots become unforgettable part in fashion especially in fall season. The natural colors of the boots can be combined with your leather jacket, jeans, or even a casual dress which has the same tone color with your boot. Fashion trend in boots is not going to end soon.

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