The Unique of Asian Traditional Fashion

Asian countries have rich fashion styles. If you are familiar with Chinese traditional fashion, maybe you will recognise the others. Chinese traditional fashion has a dominance color, they are red, gold or sometimes you will find green like a jade. Those colors have its own symbolic meaning for their culture. Red or gold has the meaning of luck and joy, it is prohibited to be used in burial or other grief occassion. While green symbolizes the harmony with the nature.
The Unique of Asian Traditional Fashion
Move to Indonesia, a country that has more than thirty local tribes and have their own traditional clothes. But for both formal and non formal occassion or in daily basis, they use "Kain Batik" or Batik. Batik, as the national icon of Indonesia, is a style of hand drawing using liquid wax as a layer to cover the cloth from coloring. Then they will wash the cloth in the hot water to clean the wax. That is why batik commonly only have two or three colors, but the printed Batik clothes sometimes has more colors.

What make Batik is so special that every region and every island in Indonesia has their own picture. For example, Batik from Cirebon, a city in West Java, has clouds pattern that they call as "mega mendung." Different with Cirebon, other cities have their own iconic pattern on it. That makes Batik as a good collection for your asian fashion style hunting.

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