Kebaya, An Elegant Traditional Fashion of Indonesia

Traditional fashion - Kebaya is one of Indonesian traditional fashion. Kebaya is different with batik, but sometimes you can find that batik is also combined with kebaya. Kebaya looks like a blouse made by thin patterned clothes. Kebaya is used with sarung or traditional cloth, batik cloth or songket cloth with colorful pattern. Kebaya itself can be found in whole Java Island both in traditional or modern variation. The traditional variation has complex layer with stagen or a traditional corset to lift the breast part. In modern variation, Kebaya is much more like a blouse. You can simply use it without using stagen.
Kebaya is not only famous in the county but also known as a beautiful gown in the world. One of the most well-known Kebaya designer is Anne Avantie. She designs Kebaya for many purposes like for a wedding dress. As an information, Kebaya usually used by Javanese women in a very formal occasion and rarely used to work or in daily basis because of is non-simplicity. The price of Kebaya depends on the designers and the material used in the making. The price could reach more than U$ 1000 for a special hand-made Kebaya. If you want to experience the beauty of this traditional fashion, you can visit Indonesia especially Central Java or Yogyakarta to find it.,,,.