How To Make College Shirt Look Stylish (Seriously)


Be a fashion girl on your campus

As an orientation leader, college outfits are a big part of my wardrobe. How to cut up a t shirt and make it cute And I really do not mind: Every time I bring students through orientation, I walk away with the pride of my school recovering.

Indeed, the most popular way to showcase your school's pride is through your college outfit, but there are two problems with this:

1. RIDICULOUSLY expensive college t-shirt.
2. College T-shirts are generally not left behind - at least glance!
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For reason 1, it's even more important to find new ways to style your college tee so you earn your money from them.

And so it is with this noble goal that I embark on this journey to help you tee up another lecture! Read on for three college shirts to get you started.

High School Costume Clothes: 1. The Unisex Tee

High School Costume Clothes: 1. The Unisex Tee

Ahhh newspaper blocks everywhere, unisex college tee.

The beauty and curse of college t-shirts is that while they do not really look great on anyone, they also do not look bad to anyone. Literally every college in this country has a shirt that is almost identical to that portrayed and literally every student has one.

Go back to basics just in time for the new semester with this outfit. I like to combine this style into classic athleisure to view the library and lecture halls.

Like a good athletic outfit, start with sneakers and runners, with this adidas that remains very trendy while standing from the Stan Smiths ranks for everyone to exercise.

Remove the classic black or gray shorts and instead, create a new neutral green army. I especially liked the stitching detail on the thighs and knees of this couple. This embroidery denim jacket is adjacent to the uneven colors of this Comfort Colors Tee, with a backpack bucket that probably will not store all your textbooks for the class but will still be perfect for a quick trip to the pharmacy or grocery store.

College Costume Clothes: 2. Tee "Athletic" 

College Costume Clothes: 2. Tee "Athletic"
When I say "athletic" tee, I combine all the shirts that have the vintage jersey felt to them while still made of comfortable living material that makes them so appealing to students. I include in this category, baseball tee, raglan tee, even jersey spirit, the most coveted and expensive of the college tee.

You do not have to be a university athlete to attract athletic athletes and I'm here to prove it, even if the only "profit" you'll make this semester is an academic exam.

Layer either of these styles of athletic tees beneath an army green vest with black skinny jeans before slipping into some chic desert boots. I've included two examples of this tee just to show how easy it is to style regardless of what kind of shirt your college bookstore may carry.

Now, I have to be honest with you, this outfit is pretty much my fall weather uniform because there's just something about the versatility of an army green vest that instantly elevates whatever you're wearing into a capital-O-outfit. Also, this one has a hood, so bonus!

College Shirt Outfits: 3. The Muscle Tank

College Shirt Outfits: 3. The Muscle Tank
When it comes to tank tops, I tend to favor the style of muscle tanks over racer-backs mostly because I don't have to worry about wearing a specific kind of bra underneath it and any day that I don't have to think too hard about my bra choice is a good day.

Additionally, these tanks have the dual function of being great for working out while also looking cute in any other setting.

Because this tank has a very wide sleeve, make your bra out of your ensemble by throwing this Target bivari. I have it, and personally can prove that it is the most commercial bras I ever bought. This is also the most supportive bralette I have ever had.

Ankle ankles from Tom are a bit on the pricier side but I've included them anyway as Tom's booties are ridiculously comfortable. But if the cost becomes a big concern, Charlotte Russe has a great selection of his wrist boots. Many of them are currently available for only $ 20 if you order online.

In addition, these jeans from Old Navy are made from Eco-Friendly Denim which means they are made with 25% post consumer content from recycled plastics!

What are you thinking?

Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg and I do not even go into how to shake the color of your school, a topic that is well discussed in CF. But even so, tell me what you think!

Do you also have too many college tees? What are some ways you make it a better part of your wardrobe? Or do you prefer to keep your college tee for the gym or relax? Notify me in the comments below! thanks has read How To Make College Shirt Look Stylish (Seriously)

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